Slogan:  Simplify the Process & Amplify the Results
Motto:    We do more together!
Leading Question:  How can I help?
Membership-based not-for-profit arts service organization dedicated to assisting new generation and other independent artists build sustainable careers intersecting the music industry in the 21st Century. 
To assist independent artists to overcome barriers, build strong networks and succeed in building a sustainable self-directed artistic practice that allows them to continue to control their intellectual property, their image and likeness and digital assets.  Our mandate is inclusive of all.  Our membership statistics and the community we serve strongly reflects a diverse population including people with disabilities, women, people of colour, the LGBTQ2 community, rural and low-income participants and Indigenous artists that may concurrently belong to two - five vulnerable populations.

COVID-19 Response:
As part of our meeting our growing mandate, we have made some changes to adapt to the reality for both OMCI members and artists in the community.  (Note: Not all adaptations/plans are reflected on our website.)
  • Our "No More Starving Artist" Food Rescue program has a sharply increased need, and we have invited all members of the artistic and live events community to drop in and pick up free food.
  • All live performances have moved to Digital Live performances, and we are working diligently to establish equitable means and opportunities to present high-quality live performances online ( we are working hard to create a digital cultural hub) with professional equipment and production.   (pending grant approval for equipment)
  • We are planning to invest in a high-quality UVC light disinfecting unit that will allow for us to safely sanitize our space without chemicals.  (pending grant approval)
  • Everyone who attends the OMCI office is screened for COVID-19 risk factors, is provided with hand sanitizer and is required to correctly wear a mask at all times in the facility.
  • Food Pick-up routines are changing regularly as we work to make our facility a safe and easy site for pick up.  Please follow the instructions provided by the Food Rescue Team each time you collect.  Thank you for your patience as we create the necessary changes to serve the increased need safely and effectively.
  • Volunteers will be provided with additional formal training on safe practices during a pandemic. ( pending grant approval)
  • Artist Resource Appointments - book a 1:1 peer-led resource appointment and get some support navigating the complexity of benefits that you might be qualified for.


OMCI remains a volunteer-led and disability-led organization, funded in part by grants, sponsorships and membership fees. 


 If you want to make a contribution of your time, something from your local business, sparkly clothing for on stage, or a cash contribution, please get in touch.

The No More Starving Artists Program cannot accept unsolicited/unplanned food donations.  Please do not leave food at our entrance door as it attracts vermin, and cannot be processed into the facility in this manner.