Slogan:  Simplify the Process & Amplify the Results
Motto:    We do more together!
Membership-based not-for-profit arts service organization dedicated to assisting new generation and other independent artists building sustainable careers intersecting the music industry in the 21st Century. 
It should go without saying that our mandate is inclusive of all artists building careers in the music industry, but our funding providers have deemed that we must specify on the website that our mandate specifically includes serving artists who self-identify as having disabilities, being of indigenous heritage,  women, the LGBTQ2 community, folks working hard to achieve the poverty line, and anyone who is 'othered' in society today.  Generally speaking, the artistic community is largely comprised of those of us who are "othered" in some manner, but apparently, we need to publish this to have it count for something, so here it is in print.


OMCI remains a volunteer-led and disability-led organization, funded in part by grants, sponsorships and membership fees. 


 If you want to make a contribution of your time, something from your local business, sparkly clothing for on stage, or heart-warming cash, please get in touch,


OMCI is proud to partner with, and is funded in part by: 

Township of Tay

Beausoleil First Nation

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