Communications and Public Relations Support

In Funded Constituencies Across Canada -  2020


To assist our communities and continue to employ artistic and hard-working youth this season, OMCI has re-tooled some aspects of our program to include our communications and public relations team in a substantial role across the country.  Of course,  we still have musicians - but we are growing another department to step up in response to COVID-19.

We are prepared to launch a cohort of young Canadians in ANY of the 338 Federal Constituencies across the Country where we are needed.

OMCI Communications and Public Relations youth will support small and micro businesses in their constituency communities, providing valuable assistance for businesses in need of social media graphics creation and campaigns for distribution, small print pieces and other communications needs.   

For example - We will help local restaurants promoting special opening days for take-out meals,  changes to the opening and closing hours of essential service establishments and many other small, but important needs.


Additionally - for smaller municipalities, bands and other authorities, we will assist you with your communications needs if you don't have a communications department on staff. 

This will connect our team members deeply to the communities they serve, and provide support as we all move through this difficult time together.

The Emerging Artist Program is offered pending funding support from the Federal Government, and supportive partnerships with local municipalities.

After we receive our funding notifications, there will be more updates on how the OMCI team will be supporting community efforts for COVID-19 online in 2020.   We apologize in advance, however we will only be able to serve the constituencies that have participated in funding youth in the program, and encourage you to check in with us in to let us know of the local need at