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Sept 1 2019 - April 31 2020


Are you looking to book great local entertainment for your event?


Please fill out the information below and we will share it with our members!  Of course, you can also contact them directly through their own website, but this is a fast way to get the word out to everyone and connect with professional indie artists on a larger scale.

You can count on OMCI artists to arrive on time, as scheduled, dressed appropriately and to perform their regular repertoire with excellence.  (An additional gratuity is recommended for any special musical requests.)


Provide as much detail as possible in the boxes below so we can help fulfill your request quickly.


Suggested remuneration offers should begin at $250 (solo performer, single set), unless you book multiple events per year on a regular basis.  


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(May be possible when all other services are donated - eg. venue, catering, marketing etc. Charitable donation reciept for FMV required.)

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