Creators - Professional Membership
(applications must be approved for professional membership)

Artistic Supports

  • Co-writing space, scheduling, and member referral

  • Access to and help to choose original content to record and perform

  • Finding the correct industry professionals to help you with your needs

  • Professional rehearsal coaching at your location

  • Professional networking opportunities

  • One on one and group mentoring

  • Help to join the American Federation of Musicians


Business and Industry Supports

Writing Supports

  • 1:1 Grant writing consultations and applications support for FACTOR,  OAC, Creative Ontario and more

  • Grantwriting administration support (submitting receipts/getting paid out)

  • Business supports, including business canvas and marketing plan development and review.

  • Artist Bio, Artist Statement, EPK preparation

  • Business Coaching including assistance with incorporation and business registration, GST registration and keeping proper records

  • Assistance joining the American Federation of Musicians

  • Support when applying for P2 or O work visas


Group Savings

Save money by being part of a larger group with negotiating power.  We also have an equipment loan program for some specialized items.

  • Group buying power/resource pooling  (websites, professional reception services distribution channels, rehearsal space, equipment, etc.)

  • Access to cost-effective

    • Nielsen BDS SoundScan reporting and reports

    • DMDS services (release to radio)


Professional Development

  • Summer Emerging Artist Program  (Paid employment 8 - 16 weeks)

  • Professional development workshops

    • Advanced Music Industry Training Series

    • Understanding the Music Industry Series

    • Mastering Your Craft Series

    • Festival Preparation Series

    • Entrepreneur Skill Series

    • Essential Skills Series

  • Professional networking opportunities

  • Assistance completing applications for PD programs

Creators - General Membership
  • Finding the correct professionals to help you with your needs

  • Cost-effective access to the right supports at the right time.  Don't spend money on things that aren't actually necessary for your stage of development

  • Most workshops are free for general creators.  Specialized or advanced workshops may require an additional fee or suggested donation amount. (Some workshops are not suitable for General Members but would be considered on a case-by-case basis)

  • Access to cost-effective 1:1 grant-writing support and rehearsal coaching for members who wish to have help

  • Get mentored by our professional members

  • Access to and help to choose original content to record and perform