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Q:  How do I apply for a job?

A:  Once the portal becomes active, you will click on the blue button that says "Shortcut to Summer Employment" and choose the job you are most interested in applying for, you'll need to create an account and upload a document (a single PDF, put as much in it as you like) and then answer the pre-interview questions. 

Q:  Where do I answer "pre-interview questions"? 

A:  After you upload your resume/cover letter in the application, the questions will be visible. 


Q:  What is a "constituency"? 

A:  Each funded position is tied to a federal political jurisdiction called a "constituency", also known as a "riding". This is where your work is funded to take place.  When in-person performances are permitted - this is the location you will physically perform in.  Online digital performances are targeted for delivery to serve your constituency location.

Q:  What is a "cohort"? 

A: New for 2021, we are sub-grouping artists across geo-political borders for online trainings to ensure they are in a team with the other artists who most closely resemble their learning goals, needs and stages of their development.


Q:  Where do Summer Emerging Artist Program participants work and participate in training?  

A:  In -person  training typically takes place in a variety of different locations in each constituency, depending on the space available and the space needed for each task.  Sometimes we are in a computer lab at a municipal office or library.  Sometimes we are at a theatre for rehearsal, or in a sponsors location.  On occasion, the space we booked gets bumped, but not very often. We try wherever possible to use locations that are transit-friendly.  We perform in a variety of public and quasi-public spaces.  Some training is also done online or remotely.  Additionally, some training sessions are duplicated in other areas, so if you cannot attend in your home constituency, it may be possible to attend at another location.


*** Due to COVID-19, all our trainings will take place online during these periods of isolation.  


Q:  Why would I want to make minimum wage to do any of these summer jobs?

A:  Great question!  The number one reason why is that you get a great deal of opportunity to REALLY do the jobs that you have been training for in school to wish to explore as a career. Our Admin Assistants aren't making coffee - they are actually living their career-goal roles using HRM Payworks Software, drafting and editing policies and responding to Health and Safety issues.  You aren't just a small part of a massive team, you ARE the team.  Of course, we have experts who lead you and teach you how to get these things done, but these positions are really for self-starters who are eager to have the responsibility and demonstrate their competency in their fields. 


Q:  When do the jobs start, and how long are the contracts?  How many hours do I get?

A:  The earliest possible start date is April 26, 2021 and the last possible date of work is Feb 28, 2022. Contracts are typically eight weeks in length (the shortest possible is 6 weeks) and the longest contracts are 23 weeks.  The minimum weekly hours allocated to your contract is 30, and the maximum is 40 hours.   Some part time positions may be available. 


Q:  When will I find out if I have a job or not? 

A:  All of our summer positions are funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program.  Without the support of this federal program, we do not have any position to offer.  Therefore, we must wait to learn how many of the positions we applied for in each constituency will actually be funded in 2021.   So as soon as we know, we will be moving forward to make first-round offers.  This is typically towards the end of April/early May each year. 


Q:  I'm still in secondary school.  I heard I can get a credit for this summer work experience.  Is that true?

A:  If your secondary school offers summer co-ops, then you can apply to them to earn a 2 credit summer co-op. 

You can also apply to your school principal under PPM129 to count your summer learning experience as a business or music credit, or both.  Each credit you apply for must document 110 hours of learning towards a specific course curriculum.  


Q:  I heard you have to be a member to get a job.  Is that true? 

A:  Definitely not true, To be crystal clear - NO PREFERENCE is given to existing members. See below for more detail on this if you are a performer.


Q: What is BYOD?  (Bring Your Own Device)  Why do I need to do this for a job?

A:  Our summer program isn't like many jobs you might have encountered.  We created this program as a way for young people to get real and valuable job experience in a variety of areas in a short period of time.  We don't have the infrastructure or the budget to give everyone a computer and a phone on their desk.  We have access to a limited number of low-speed laptops that have been donated to us, and if need be, you will be assigned one of those for your use.


You will likely be much happier using your own device if you have one.  And if you don't have anything to bring, we will put you on a computer at a library as an alternative.  Bottom line is - we can work something out. 


For payroll purposes, you will need a mobile device with data.  You use 20 seconds of data to punch in and out each day.  Where WIFI is available, you can also use that instead, but you need data for public locations without WIFI service. It's a requirement you must maintain throughout your employment. 



Q:  What should I expect from Auditions? 

A: Auditions are an opportunity for you to perform for three minutes on a video that show us your abilities. (We DO NOT assess the quality of the video or production itself.)  Choose an original song if you are a writer, accompany yourself if you play an instrument.  


Q:  I'm usually a busker in Town XYZ.  Do I have to audition?  What happens if I don't"? 

A:  Each municipality has unique rules for how buskers perform in their area.  Our program is typically an 'enhancement' program - i.e. some are selected for EA opportunities.  In some municipalities, we also take over operational control of their regular program. It changes from location to location. Most importantly, we just want to help facilitate making music.  In 2020 - most locations closed these programs.  We are all awaiting information regarding 2021.


Q:  When are callbacks? 

A:  Callbacks will take place on March 20th and 21th 2021.


Q:  Where do Emerging Artists perform? 

A:  Emerging Artists animate public spaces and places. This can be town squares, the beach, dock or marina, public parks, community centers, small business openings, charitable events, summer festivals, community celebrations, and other local events.  *** Due to COVID-19, our artists will be performing online via OMCI LIVE while in isolation. 


Q:  Where do Emerging Artists participate in training?  

A:  Emerging Artists training takes place in a variety of different locations, depending on the space available and the space needed for each task.  Sometimes we are in a computer lab at a municipal office or library.  Sometimes we are at a theatre for rehearsal, or in a sponsors location.  On occasion, the space we booked gets bumped, but not very often. We try wherever possible to use locations that are transit-friendly.     *** Due to COVID-19, our artists will be training online while in isolation. 


Q:  I heard you have a recording studio - is that true?

A:  We are in the process of designing and creating a Digital Livestream Studio/Rehearsal Space at the OMCI Studio Facility in Barrie, ON.   This studio will have enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols and provide and opportunity for participants to deliver high quality, professional livestream performances during the varied zone protocols due to COVID. 

Q:  Why would I want to make minimum wage to perform when I normally get more than that to gig? 

A:  Great question!  Typically, you also don't get paid to go to learn about the music industry or network and build skills to function sustainably in the creative economy.  Additionally, many music industry education programs you want to take you also have to pay for. 

We spend about 50% of our time on growth and development activities in the Emerging Artist program, and you are paid for those hours too.  Plus, we encourage you to go out and gig and run your own business.  We don't stop you from doing your regular gigs.  (You just can't 'double-dip").


Q:  I'm a parent of a young performer.  How can I get involved? 

A:  We have lots of parents who volunteer to help run this program.  We are run by volunteers, and there lots of things for folks to do to get involved.   Parents are welcome to volunteer from home.


Q:  Speaking of parents - don't some of the people "in charge" have their own kids in the program? 

A:  Glad you asked!

1)  We are a co-operative, and we take this very seriously.  Everyone here is equal, we just have different roles.

2)  Online we use a blind "Applicant Tracking" system that allows for many different people to view, rate and rank all aspects of your application.  From your resume and cover letter, through your interview, right up to your offer of employment, there are up to 20 different people assessing your suitability for the program.  After the application process is complete, the software compiles all applicants in number-ranked order.  Positions are offered order based on your location selections in the application process.

3)  No one assesses anyone they have a close relationship with.  This can include students/teachers, best friends, etc.

4)  Additionally, we have industry experts and municipal partners on our hiring team, allowing us to benefit from the wisdom of crowds in selecting the most suitable candidates for each position. 

Q:  I heard you have to be a member to get a job.  Is that true? 

A:  Definitely not true, To be crystal clear - NO PREFERENCE is given to existing members based on their membership itself.  That said, active members who have been participating in our development programs likely have a achieved a significant advantage over those just starting out.   


Jurors are seeking hard-working, committed youth ages 16-30 to have a life-changing summer experience, and membership is not a requirement to audition, call back or interview.


If you are offered a position of employment as an in the Summer Emerging Artist Program and you choose to accept the offer, you will need to activate a membership.  Emerging Artists in employment are classified as professional creators, even if they would not otherwise be eligible, so use your membership year wisely to maximize your development and growth.  All admin and technical SEAP participants are permitted to choose between creator or consumer membership placement in the professional stream.


EA's who do not return as an EA the following summer, who are not eligible for professional membership will be returned to the general membership category upon renewal.