No More Starving Artists

OMCI members and artist members of the community can now access free food seven days a week.  This food is provided for your personal consumption; it cannot be redistributed or sold under any circumstances.


Please click on "Order Now" button below to place a free online order for pick up.  This ensures you have maximum access to the items in stock, and can reserve them for pick up later today or tomorrow.  Don't forget to put a "pick up time" in your cart before checking out.

The location is 80 Bradford Street (Door 6) Unit 601.

We reserve the right to limit quantities to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate.  Please do not order from us to redistribute to other charities or organizations without a properly signed redistribution agreement in place prior to placing your order.  Thank you for understanding.


For more information or to schedule a pick up, please call 705-999-8547 x 333

Food Rescue Officer - Lilian Romero

1-888-836-6624 x 333

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Grocery Cards for Youth Artists are provided by the Canadian Red Cross Society, funded by the Government of Canada.

Read this PDF consumer guide to best before

and expiry dates to know how long

food is edible for - based on the date.