Each series below provides a number of workshops to assist your professional development.   
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Essential Skills 
Entrepreneur Skills 
Festival Preparation 
Mastering Your Craft 
Understanding the Music Industry
Advanced Music Industry Training


Essential Skills Series

  • Essential Skills - Performance 101

  • Essential Skills - Cables 101

  • Essential Skills - Music Theory 101

  • Essential Skills - Social Media for Artists*

  • Essential Skills - Headshots

  • Essential Skills - Video

  • Essential Skills - Professional Communication

  • Essential Skills - Is your sound/music commercially ready?

  • Essential Skills - Making the Most of the Gear You Have (Recording)

  • Essential Skills - Making the Most of the Gear You Have (Performance)

  • Essential Skills - Workplace Health and Safety 


Entrepreneur Skills Series

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Booking

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - How to Register Your Business*

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Insurance

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Rick Barker Social Media Methods

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Building the Right Team

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Bookkeeping & Taxes

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Writing Your Artist Bio

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Artist Development Grant (FACTOR)*

  • Entrepreneur Skills Series - Advocating for yourself


Festival Preparation Series

  • Festival Preparation Series - Stage Managers Panel

  • Festival Preparation Series - Making your Stage Plot and Tech Rider*

  • Festival Preparation Series - EPK and Press kits

  • Festival Preparation - Communicating with Festivals

  • Festival Preparation - Production Panel


Mastering Your Craft Series​​

  • Mastering your Craft - Elaine Overholt*

  • Mastering your Craft - Tom Jackson*

  • Mastering Your Craft - Music Theory in Practice

  • Mastering Your Craft - Reading Charts

  • Mastering Your Craft - Preparing for Rehearsals

  • Mastering Your Craft - How to Practice Effectively

  • Mastering Your Craft - Songwriting Development

  • Mastering Your Craft - How to Arrange Your Music


Understanding the Music Industry Series​​

  • Understanding the Music Industry - Understanding Radio

  • Understanding the Music Industry - OVERVIEW

  • Understanding the Music Industry - SOCAN*

  • Understanding the Music Industry - FACTOR*

  • Understanding the Music Industry - MROC*

  • Understanding the Music Industry - What is a Sideman and how do I become one

  • Understanding the Music Industry - AFM/TMA*

  • Understanding the Music Industry - Revenue Streams and Royalties

Advanced Music Industry Training Series​​

  • ADVANCED MI - Preparing for your Release

  • ADVANCED MI - Releasing to Radio


  • ADVANCED MI - Artwork + Design for your CD

  • ADVANCED MI - Photography for your Release

  • ADVANCED MI - Nielson Soundscan BDS

  • ADVANCED MI - Conferences & Networking

  • ADVANCED MI - TOURING (Regional, National)

  • ADVANCED MI - TOURING (International)


  • ADVANCED MI - Booking Agency Panel 

Our workshop series are subject to change - if there is a topic you want PD training in that is not covered here, please let us know.  Workshops are offered in a variety of partnership locations, and many are streamed online for you to attend remotely.  Most, if not all locations are accessible facilities.  Please make us aware of your interests and needs and we will make sure you are accommodated to the very best of our ability. 

Links to each workshop will be added to this page as the dates /locations are finalized.

To register for a workshop, click HERE and locate the current series by season/date and choose the workshop you would like to attend. 

Many of our workshops are community-based and open to the public, so please connect with us if you have questions about a specific topic.